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"Dwell in the past for it is what makes you today,

Think ahead into the future for what you wish to be."




Resident Evil -

The Story Of The Survival Series, Pictures And My Input On The Most Successful Horror Gaming Series Of All Time.

Resident Evil Videos -

Here You Can Find Resident Evil Videos And Clips, As Well As An Albert Wesker's (Visual) Report.


Astrology/Horoscopes -

On this page you can compare yourself to others like loved ones or just see if your personality is scarily accurate to my charts.


About Me / Favorites / Favorites -

Basically A Synopsis Of My Full Biography So You Know A Little About Me.

As It Applies, Will State More Clearly Much All Of My Interests And Favorites Of Me.

Here You Will Find My Input On My Family And See Some Family Pictures.

Links -

Links Of My Favorite Websites And A Direct Link TO My Youtube.com Channel as well as my Facebook and other page on other sites

Guest-Book -

Here You Can Guess What To Do.       All Comments Are Greatly Appreciated, Let Me Know What You Like And What I Should Do To Improve.

Videos Page -

Here You Can Find Favorite Videos Of Mine, As Well As A Wesker's (Visual) Report.

Pictures Page -

Here You Can Find Pictures Of Just About Anything That I Will Feel Free To Posting Here.

My Blog -

Here You Can Leave Comments Too And As Well Find My Results From Quiz Or Trivia-Like Websites.

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